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How To Write Great Instagram Captions That Drive Engagement

First, draft a copy that adds context to the image. Then, ensure that your writing aligns with your brand. Feel free to take a look at your most engaging Instagram posts to draw some inspiration. Remember, an Instagram caption can be as long or as short as you need it to be – you have a whopping 2,200 character limit to work with.

  • What to Use for an Instagram Caption 1. First Line The first line of your Instagram caption is the one that makes or breaks your post. A great first line will grab the attention of your targeted audience and thus, engage more with the post you’ve shared. There are cases when the image you’ve shared might not interest someone at first.

  • The key to increasing engagement through captions is by planning out the details and not winging them. Start by making a list of information and points that you want to share with a post. Once that’s done, prioritize the information by importance. Remember, most Instagram users are there to relax and not read a long caption just to get the point.

  • Be sure to follow the next steps to create an effective caption. 1. Ideal length of your caption It depends on what you need to say. Can you get your message across in one paragraph? Perfect! The shorter, the better. If you need more space, fine. But stick to the essence of the message and don’t make it too long. 2. Divide captions into paragraphs

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