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Kim Barnard became a Florida transplant 29 years ago. Since her husband's first assignment to Tyndall AFB(returning 2 more times), she has always referred to Panama City as home. Having travelled the world with her husband with the Air Force, she has yet to find beaches better than the ones right here in Bay County. She and her husband Tim loved the area so much they retired here to be near their sons and their families. Family is extremely important to her as well as her faith in Christ. The Barnards have been long time active members of St. Andrew Baptist Church, where Kim is currently serving as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator. The Barnard family continues to serve with various local organizations and events in our community.

Kim’s real estate knowledge is a culmination of a few different influences. Moving 14 times during their military career, she has gained first hand experience for just about every aspect of relocating you can think of, from renting, buying, selling and investing, not to mention some serious packing skills. She also has gained four years of long and short term property management experience, and is great at helping parties negotiate on either side of the transaction. After getting first licensed 23 years ago, she has continued to gain knowledge of many different aspects of real estate and looks for ways to improve how she can better use her abilities and experience to assist families in achieving their real estate goals. Don’t let buying or selling your home overwhelm you, let her walk with you through the process and help guide you on the path to realizing your dreams. Just call Kim, she is a Realtor with a passion and drive to see you succeed and attain the perfect fit for your needs.


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